"For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for good and not evil, to give you a future and a hope." This is one promise found in God's Word that Amy Lambert has seen Him keep in her own life.

A little girl who dreamed of becoming a Gospel singer thought her dreams had been in vain after being involved in a car accident at the age of nine. Amy was left with outward scars that brought her inward pain and feelings of insecurity. As she struggled, feeling "different" from those around her, she found peace and contentment as she placed her faith and trust in an eternal Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Today Amy Lambert, of Boone, North Carolina, is definitely "different" from those around her-exceptionally different! Over the past few years, she has won the hearts of Gospel music fans and professionals alike. Her powerful vocals and performance skills have made her one of the few female vocalists to climb into the TOP 10 on the national charts with her first two singles, "He'll Do It Again" and "Tears Are A Language". She has received TOP 5 nominations for the Singing News Fan Awards in both Favorite Soprano and Favorite Female Vocalist categories for seven consecutive years and was the recipient of the Gospel Voice Sunrise Award in 1997. She has also been nominated for Album of the Year and Soloist of the Year at the Gospel Voice Diamond Awards.

It was Amy's own longing for peace as a child that led her into a life of ministry to others. "There are so many hurting people who need to be ministered to," she says "I believe God has allowed me to experience pain in certain areas of my life so I can understand the pain of others and help them in some small way. I have experienced things in my life that only the Lord could have brought me through. If I hadn't leaned on Jesus, I would never be happy today."

And today Amy is certainly happy as well as successful. She has shared her message on the Gaither Video and Concert Series, the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), and on numerous programs on the Odyssey Channel including "Swan's Place", "Southern Stage", and "Gary McSpadden's Gospel Jubilee".

"The Lord has blessed me above and beyond my own dreams." says Amy as she reflects back on her career. "His will and timing are far better than our plans, and He's always there to pick us up when we can't carry ourselves." And timing couldn't be better for Amy these days! Her enthusiastic presentation and rich vocals have set her apart, and her love for the music and those she shares it with impacts people wherever she travels....she's watching that dream come true.

Amy makes her home in Boone, North Carolina with daughter Lauren, son Hunter, and husband Jeff Templeton.

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